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New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards Development Forum, proudly sponsored by Z Energy and Fletcher Building

Part of our vision is to facilitate within our Rainbow Tick community a sharing of best pratice and to constantly shift the dial on our workplaces as we work towards further improvement.

All our workplaces face exciting challenges, and we see the Development Forum as providing a really powerful opportunity to get together and explore ideas and our work, with the aim of building our own capacity to do better in our own workplaces.

That is why we are hosting a development forum - to enable a shared learning opportunity to help us all work towards rainbow excellence.

In 2020, we have rolled the Development Forum into the schedule of the NZ Rainbow Excellence Awards, bringing a range of speakers to the Awards event itself.

Winter Pride

Highlights still to come for 2020.

Catch a few of the highlights from the 2019 New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards Development Forum with the video link below.

2019 Development Forum

How to enter

Entries for 2021 are now closed! Sign up to the newsletter on the bottom of the page so that we can keep you updated.

The process for entering the awards is designed to be simple and to allow for diverse applications from organisations of any size.

  • Applications must be completed online
  • Applications costs $250 plus GST per organisation or company entry (an organisation can enter multiple categories per application) (Charities and not-for-profits are free)
  • Organisations self-nominate/apply and craft their award entry for the specific category(s) of that best showcase their organisation’s progress (see below for all categories)
  • Awards for individuals must be entered by an organisation who nominate an individual employee and provide supporting evidence
  • If, for COVID reasons, you are not in a position to pay, please contact Martin King and I am sure we can help sort you out so that you can still enter.

Entries are required to provide a high-level summary of their application, plus supporting material and should include details on (but not exclusive to):

  • An identified organisational "Rainbow" challenge
  • A clear strategy or plan related to the challenge
  • Measurable achievements and impact report/assessment
  • Clarification of and evidence for sustainable implementation

Core entry benchmarks

The core benchmarks to be considered for an award align with the Rainbow Tick Certification Framework, which assesses whether a workplace understands, values and welcomes sexual and gender diversity.

Rainbow inclusion competencies which are relevant to being considered in most categories are:

• Policy
• Staff training
• Staff engagement and organisational support
• External engagement
• Client / customer engagement
• Monitoring
• Other

Other Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Will there be guaranteed space at the awards for representatives of finalist to attend the awards.
A: Yes, we have pre-allocated seating to ensure our finalist can attend the awards.
Q: Can I book a table and if so, how many seats are there at the table?
A: Yes. You can book a table of 10.
Q: Do I have to attend the awards to receive an award?
A: No. You will be notified that you are a finalist in advance, and naturally we would love to have you attend, but understand that this may not always be possible.
Q: When do applications close?
A: Applications close on 14 July 2021.
Q: When will judging take place?
A: Judging dates TBA.
Q: Can I/we enter an award in a category our organisation is sponsoring?
A: No, you cannot enter an award category if your organisation is sponsoring this category. We welcome to submit under another category, and you will still be eligible for the supreme award.
Q: Can I/we enter an award in a category where someone from our organisation is judging?
A: Yes, your organisation’s representative will be excluded from judging that category.
Q: When will finalists be notified?
A: After 18 August. Finalist will be informed directly prior to public announcements being made.
Q: Can I nominate another company/organisation/ individual for an award?
A: No, as this is celebrating Rainbow Excellence within New Zealand organisations, the entry must be from within your organisation with supporting material.
Q: Is their any support for charities or not-for-profits to enter the Awards
A: Yes. When an organisation enters, there is no fee charged for not-for-profit and social enterprise entries. Charities and not-for-profits will not be invoiced for entries and their entries will be covered by the support of Pride Pledge organisations. Tickets to The Awards ceremony are not covered.
Q: If my organisation won a category in 2020, can we enter the same category for 2021
A: Yes. We do encourage your organisation to enter a different category and see how well you can stack up against other organsiations in a new area of challenge. Only the Supreme Award is off-limits two years in a row.

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Who is invited to participate?

The awards are open to all New Zealand organisations. However, some award categories are open to Rainbow Tick certified organsiations only. This depends on the category for the award.

Who is Rainbow Tick Certified? A current list of Rainbow Tick Certified companies can be found here.


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